This band is like nothing I’ve heard in a very long time; fans of 70’s rock take note because the 70’s are still alive with Lionize. These guys blend the sounds of 70’s rock without missing a beat, so much so that if you’d have told me this album came out forty years ago (or at least the songs were from that era) I may have believed you. The cover art on this is pretty awesome as well, I’m not quite sure if it fits in with the 70’s rock thing though, maybe a bit but it more reminds me of a metal album cover. This is the band’s fifth album, and if the others are anything like this it’s an old rocker’s dream.

1. Dr. Livingston
2. Superczar
3. Black Cat
4. Self Propelled Experience Approximator
5. Trustafarian
6. Machu Piccu
7. Parlor Tricks
8. Shameless Self Promoter
9. Vessel
10. Flying With The Vultures
11. The Ballad of Ronnie Buttons
12. Walking Away (From Explosions Unscathed)

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