The Credentials have broken up but they’ve still got some songs to burn off so we lucky bastards still get some releases, unfortunately this is the final one. Here we’ve got two unreleased tracks from The Credentials, a band that I like a whole bunch, and two from Steelhorse, a band that I know nothing about. This split is a prime example of why I like when a band I like is paired with one I don’t know, it doesn’t always work out for the best but sometimes it’s pretty fucking magical. The Credentials are on their way out, and they leave two great songs here with us. However there’s the circle of life and all that bullshit because The Credentials are gone but I’ve got Steelhorse as a new thing. Both of the Steelhorse songs on here are great as well, they’re as good as The Credentials songs, and that’s something that’s pretty impressive. Go ahead and pick this split up, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. It’s the last two great songs from a great band and two new songs from a new great band.

1. Dear Mr. Breakey
2. This Town Means About As Much To Me As A Festering Bowl Of Dog Snot
3. Caught In The Ropes
4. Tired Like Dead