Flat Tires is a breath of fresh air that feels very familiar. The band is something I imagine you get if you took Motorhead, George Thorogood, whiskey, threw in a little punk, country and Reverend Horton Heat and did your best to clone it as a singular band. This band just makes me want to drink whiskey and play air guitar, they’re the version of Motorhead for when you’ve listened to all your Motorhead records. This album is a must have for any rock n roll punk metal head. They’ve got eleven songs that completely shred, including two live ones, I’m not sure where they were recorded but I’m willing to bet it was a bar. I cannot recommend this enough for fans of Motorhead and Reverend Horton Heat.

1. GD Woman
2. Flu
3. Freeborn
4. Cry Baby
5. Two Of Three Things
6. Hypocrite
7. Don’t Shake Me Lucifer
8. Trailer Daze (Live)
9. On The Loose (Live)
10. Carolina Shitstomp
11. Rock & Roll Weekend

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