The Isolation EP and the Stand Or Fall EP are two EP’s that Revilers have released on Patac records, collectively they feature nine great punk rock songs. Revilers do punk in the vein of British punk and early 80’s hardcore with a little bit of rock n roll blended in. This EP may have come out in 2009 but once you listen to it it’ll have you believing it could have come out many years before. The Isolation EP has four songs that all stand strong on their own, top to bottom it’s a great EP. Personally I like the title track and first song the best; it’s just got that repeating chorus in there that I imagine is a blast to sing along to in a crowd. The last song on the EP is a close contender for best too though, however it lacks the great chorus, but it does have a lot of great rock riffs in it. The Stand Or Fall EP is clearly the same band with all that great punk rock goodness but it’s got a harder dirtier edge to it. The songs are a little meaner and angrier. There five of them on Stand Or Fall so you get an extra couple of minutes to punk out with Revilers. I like the Isolation EP better than the Stand Or Fall EP but both of them are sure hits for fans of old punk rock. Revilers take that classic punk sound and bring it to live so you want to listen to it again for the first time in years. If you like the old style punk rock then Revilers are a must for you.

Isolation EP

1. Isolation
2. Next In Line
3. Dead End
4. On The Outside

Stand Or Fall EP

1. Stand Or Fall
2. Tried and True
3. Running Out
4. State Of Fear
5. Road Rage

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