REVIEW: Ridgemont: Acoustic Tracks

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Ridgemont is here with some acoustic tracks, some old, some new, but all acoustic. It’s only three songs but all three of them are really good. The first song ‘Science And the Founding Fathers’ I think is the best of all three of these. It’s a strong start, though the shortest song of all it’s also the catchiest and the one I find myself listening to the most. The second track ‘This Song Will Never Have A Name’ is on the band’s Documented Failures EP. It’s my least favorite of the three but it’s still a good song. The third song ‘The Great Escape’ is also off of that same EP. It’s got my favorite intro of the three and is slightly faster. I won’t say that the two songs off of the EP are better than their non-acoustic EP, they’re just different, and I still prefer the originals. This is a pretty nice thing to supplement the band but doesn’t represent their best stuff, my only real complaint about this is I wish the vocals were a little louder, it seems like the acoustic overpowers the vocals almost the entire time. If you dig acoustic music you’ll probably dig this. If you like Ridgemont this will be a nice addition to the collection, however if you’re not familiar with the band I wouldn’t start here.

1. Science And The Founding Fathers
2. This Song Will Never Have A Name
3. The Great Escape

Get it from Ridgemont HERE

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