The Super Karate Tour (Scott Reynolds/Fred Mascherino)

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Scott Reynolds (ALL, Pavers, Goodbye Harry) and Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday) are heading on a small east coast tour in August with Toy Cannons.

  • Friday 3rd: Washington, DC – Comet Ping Pong
  • Saturday 4th (afternoon show): Baltimore, MD – Charm City Art Space
  • Saturday 4th: Newark, DE – Mojo Main
  • Sunday 5th: Philadelphia – Kung Fu Necktie
  • Tuesday 7th: Cambridge, MA – Middle East
  • Wednesday 8th: Asbury Park, NJ – Asbury Lanes
  • Friday 10th: Brooklyn, NY – Don Pedro
  • Saturday 11th: Reading, PA – Reverb

More dates may be added, check for more details!

REVIEW: The neyBuzz: rEvolution!

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What we’ve got here is San Francisco’s The neyBuzz’s third album entitled rEvolution. I can honestly say The neyBuzz are like nothing else I’ve ever heard before, they blend Soul, funk, Indie in a perfect fusion of music. I’m blown away by the quality of this album on entirely different levels than I have been by anything else I’ve heard before. Not only that but this album flows so well it has a calming effect over you. You can listen to this and be relaxed almost instantly; it’s like a high through your ears. There’s not a lot of vocals on here but the songs that have vocals it slides in perfectly. Anyone into funk, soul, indie, rock, hell pretty much anything needs to check this album out, it’s like nothing you’ve heard before.

1. rEvolution
2. One For The People
3. Slow Down
4. False Gods & Petty Tyrants
5. Ninja
6. Without You
7. Captain Buzzkill
8. It Is What It Is
9. iiWii Reloaded
10. We Are Still Alive

Get Revolution from Amazon HERE


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