Releases Worth Getting May 22, 2012

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Big Eyes: Back From The Moon
Firewind: Few Against Many
Sonata Arctica: Stones Grow Her Name
Blind Guardian: Memories of a Time to Come
The Woman in Black
Lethal Weapon: The Complete Collection
The Strange Case of Alice Cooper
WWE: The Best of WCW Clash of the Champions
Safe House

REVIEW: Night Birds: The Other Side of Darkness

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My favorite hardcore surf band is back. Their coming off of their incredible EP ‘Midnight Movies’ with their first album, ‘The Other Side of Darkness’. This album features eleven new songs, and two re-recorded songs from the 2009 demo. These thirteen songs shred, its only about twenty five minutes, and most of the songs aren’t even two minutes long but that’s all you need to enjoy this album. With such blazing fast speeds it just means you can start listening to this album again faster, which is what you’ll be doing a lot. Night Birds have shown time after time why they’re one of the best bands around and now you can enjoy a whole albums worth of the band, it’s one of the best and most anticipated albums of 2011 and not only does it live up to the hype, it destroys it. Don’t sleep on this; you’ll hate yourself if you do. You can get it from Grave Mistake Records (one of the best labels around), and if you’re in Europe, Taken By Surprise Records is doing the European release.

1. Demon Haunted World
2. Neon Gray
3. Born of Man and Woman
4. Landfill Land
5. One Eye
6. The Other Side of Darkness
7. Day After Trinity
8. Hoffman Lens
9. Sex Tape
10. Failed Species
11. Can’t Get Clean
12. Paranoid Times
13. Oblivious

Get it from Grave Mistake Records HERE

Get The Other Side Of Darkness from Amazon HERE


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