Books like this are both the reasons I love and hate one shots. This isn’t really a stand-alone; its part of an ongoing arc so it’s not like you can just pick up this alone, read it and be content. However on the flip side this does give some insight into some things that seemingly wouldn’t happen in any of the titles that this arc is happening in. I really like this thing with Doctor Octopus right now and that’s what this title ties into. Spider-man put out a call to what’s left of earth’s heroes to help stop the launching of Doctor Octopus’s satellites into orbit. ‘Ends of the Earth’ pretty much features a lot of C or D team heroes (Kangaroo, Sabra, Titanium Man, Big Hero Six), most of them in the book are pretty forgettable but there is one ray of light here. A guy who I’ve never paid any attention to, Union Jack. He’s got a few pages of a pretty awesome fight and he’s pretty much the spotlight in this title (or should be). If you’re a Spider-man fan this is a little side story of the things that are going on in the Spider-man stories right now, so you may want to read it, but at the same time it’s nothing essential if you don’t want to get into every little thing that comes out. However if you happen to be a Union Jack fan, it’s worth the price for his appearance. Personally, it didn’t really add anything to my enjoyment of this arc, I could have totally done without this, but I’m glad I read it, because Union Jack is kind of a badass in here.

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