Devasted is a great punk rock band that fills a much needed void. I use to like bands like Rancid, but then they stopped being good. Luckily if you look hard enough you can still find bands that do that type of punk rock and are still doing it well. For Devasted we have to go to Italy to find it, but its well worth the trip. Here with their album never Give Up they’ve got fourteen punk rock songs that will make you forget about all the bands that have failed at trying to create these type of songs. Punk with a snotty edge but at the center great songs that stay true to themselves, there’s not a bad thing I can say about any song on this album. If you miss 90’s punk rock before it turned awful, there’s still hope, there’s Devasted.

1. Kill the dj Chapter 2
2. Never Give Up
3. Dirty Ways
4. Be Myself
5. Underground
6. One More Step To Unconsciousness
7. Youthful Essence (feat Rupe Rabble)
8. No Direction Home
9. False Friends
10. Why are you Smiling
11. Johnny & Ivan
12. Alone
13. We Are the Future
14. Up North

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