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Here’s a couple songs with some punk rockers with a pretty easy to remember name, DBCR. They’re here with a two song EP, the title of which is pretty spot on. The first song it a pretty in your face punk song, it’s pretty enjoyable. However the second song I think is the real focal point of this record. A real heavy punk rock sound, like if Danzig was really depressed and recorded a song that actually didn’t suck. In my opinion this is by far the reason to own this record. And if that wasn’t enough the record comes with a download code that has a bonus song on it. The bonus song isn’t one of those last minute throw away that wasn’t good enough to make it onto the record so they gave you the trash for free. I really have no idea why this wasn’t included on the actual record because this song is great. It’s a lot like the second song with the Danzig type vocals but it’s got a less depressed sound to it. It’s a great heavy rock song, which might even be better than the two songs that made it onto the record.

1. Let Them Eat Bikes
2. Reverse Broken Window Theory
3. Minor Thoughts (Bonus download song)

Help Scott Reynolds Make an Album

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It will be amazing because he’s Scott F’N Reynolds and he makes some of the best music in the universe. Get ready to kickstart this shit, because I need to hear it be a thing!


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