REVIEW: The Taxpayers: To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal

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Portland, OR’s Taxpayers are one of the most unique bands going right now. ‘To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal’ is the band’s third full-length album, nearly a year in the making the album was recorded in houses, warehouses, parks, and a classroom everywhere from Minneapolis to Portland. The album isn’t just unique because of the sound but also the release, it’s getting the super grand treatment in this department. Plan-It-X Records is releasing it on vinyl and CD, Tiger Force Ultra is releasing it on cassette tape, Quote Unquote Records is releasing it for free/donations, and finally the band’s label Useless State, is releasing it as a zine with essays, science experiments, song explanations, etc, the last page even has a sleeve for the CD. It sounds like the perfect type of release for a Taxpayers album. They’re a band that’s almost indiscernible. They take sounds from everywhere and blend them without missing a beat. You can’t call this band anything else besides a punk band and accurately convey the sound that they put out. This is a band that truly has something for everyone, from the guy that listens to folk, to the kid listening to ski, to rock n roll, pop, country, even a little piano music and a dash of hardcore. If you want to check the Taxpayers out this is a perfect album to do so, it covers their rage perfectly, if you’re already a fan of the band they I say to you that I think this is their best album to date. There’s not one of these thirteen songs that I don’t like. Everyone should check this out, you’re bound to find something you like, and chances are, you’ll be into the whole thing. And (not related to the album really) but if you ever get the chance to see the Taxpayers, do it. They’re a fucking blast live!

1. The Windows Break
2. And The Damn Thing Bit Him!
3. Rapid Movements in a Bottle
4. Everything is Aweful
5. Geodesic Prison Song
6. Louisiana Hot Sauce Rainy Nights
7. Everybody Just Stood There
8. The Cold Front
9. A Matter of Simple Deduction
10. Some Kind of Disaster Relief
11. It Gets Worse Every Minute
12. My Brother Isn’t Dying
13. Let the Wheels Turn Slowly

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REVIEW: Captain Nowhere: Party Time INC.

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This is without a doubt the strangest thing I’ve had my hands on all year. I mean that both musically and the way it’s presented. Party Time INC. is an LP with four songs, which includes a CD with eleven songs, which are unique to the CD, and different than the LP. Tucked inside you’ve also got this wonderfully disturbed art book which has some pretty cool stuff in it. This album comes to us from Idiomism Records and is limited to 500, so if you’ve got a taste for the weird, the really weird don’t sleep on this one.

‘Sing Along’ My favorite song on the record; it’s really an awesome one, though it does go on for a while. I assume this is what it would sound like if Creedence Clearwater Revival were possessed.
‘Another Letter’ I want to call this song ‘Nick Cave goes insane’ because that’s what it sounds like to me.
‘Holiday Song’ I kind of like this song a whole lot, it sounds a bit like if the Doors were a punk band.
‘The Moon Song Take Two’ This cool little song ends the LP part of this album, it sounds to me like Jim Morrison, really out of his mind on acid, wrote a Daniel Johnston song.

‘Trip Inside This House’ A really slow and pretty cool song, it seems like you’re inside of Jim Morrison’s head during an acid trip. Which I guess makes the title appropriate.
‘Hey Monkey’ An acoustic song that stretches out really long but it still enjoyable. Sounds like something off of the Charles Manson album that came out not too long ago.
‘Who’s Captain Nowhere’ Starts out with some audio clips of people just asking who’s captain nowhere then goes into a really good acoustic song. Like something you’d be listening to in some weird off the beaten path bar.
‘Sing Along’ Much like the other version of the song.
‘The Moon Song’ The title certainly sounds something that would come from Jim Morrison’s mind. The first four minutes or so is pretty much nothing. After that we get a song, one that is oddly sounds like something that would have been on the Jim Morrison spoken word album.
‘Karaoke After Midnight’ Pretty much a country song, well that’s exactly what it is actually. The vocals are a little haunting though, it’s like a ghost band is playing this one. I think this is my new favorite song off of this.
‘Another Letter’ Another version of the LP song. Its eleven and a half minutes long.
‘American Russian Roulette’ This song I’m not too into, it’s pretty much three minutes of noise.
‘Holiday Song’ Another version of the LP song.
‘Another Bridge’ This is another one of the songs that takes a while to get going. It goes on for about half the length of the song before something really comes in. Much like a few of the other songs on here it sounds heavily influenced by The Doors.
‘The Moon Song Take Two’ Closing it out is eleven minutes of one of the songs that was featured on the LP.


  1. Sing Along
  2. Another Letter
  3. Holiday Song
  4. The Moon Song Take Two


  1. Trip Inside This House
  2. Hey Monkey
  3. Who’s Captain Nowhere
  4. Sing Along
  5. The Moon Song
  6. Karaoke After Midnight
  7. Another Letter
  8. American Russian Roulette
  9. Holiday Song
  10. Another Bridge
  11. The Moon Song Take Two

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