Personally I’m pretty burnt out on the whole lo-fi garage pop rock thing, but even through these jaded ears I still really enjoyed this album. Museum Mouth self-released this album, it’s a twelve song (thirteen if you count the extra) release that starts off a little slow but picks up momentum fast. The worst thing I can really say about this is the kid on the album cover creeps me out. While I won’t call every song on this album great, there isn’t any that I would call bad at all. There are some low kind of depressing points here, but that’s what the lo-fi rock brings to the table a lot of time, ‘Blood Hammer’ and ‘SW Ahili’ are a couple of stand out songs and ‘Bigger Problems’ is just damn incredible. As a whole I’d say the album is good, a solid B grade, but with those three songs alone it’s worth the price of the album. Lo-fi rock and pop fans take note, if you’re into things like Waaves and Vivian Girls, Museum Mouth is most likely for you.

1. Goodbye, Evan
2. Sexy But Not Happy
3. For Mom
4. Blood Mountain
5. Certain Doom
6. Bigger Problems
7. I Was A Teenage Paladin
8. Blood Hammer
9. Swahili
10. Buzzbrain
11. 2005
12. Hell Hawk