Releases Worth Getting May 29, 2012

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Maverick: The Complete First Season
Outlaw Josey Wales
Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp


Supremes: At the Copa: Expanded Edition

REVIEW: Nasty Cats: The World Ends With You

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The Nasty Cats are back with another album; this is one I was really excited for since I loved the last one so much. This is another great album by the band but this one is noticeably more unique. There is a real evolution of sound on this album. Instead of a straight pop punk album they incorporate a lot more of an alternative punk and pop sound. Some songs are reminiscent of bands like The Ataris and Alkaline Trio (back when both were good of course) but the majority of the album is a totally unique sound to this band. This is great because not only will it keep the pop punk heads like myself happy it’ll also get heads turning of people who write off pop punk as generic. Anyone that likes any type of pop, alternative or punk rock music should be on top of this one. I can’t see any reason not to love this album, it’s a great one.

1.Broken Hearted
3.Take Me Away From Here
6.It’s Not Too Late
7.To My Chest
10.Freak Out
11.Hopeless Romantic

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