There’s a lot of music to process here so let’s not waste any time and jump right in. The Zits have been releasing EP’s digitally for a while now; here is the album you’ve been waiting for. It’s not your typical album though, nor is it just one of those collections; instead it’s kind of a combination of both. Normally I hate when bands reuse songs already out on albums, but I’ll let things slide here since everything here is remastered. The nice thing about having things the way they are with this album is if you’ve missed the previously released Zits stuff, or just like to listen to it all at once, it’s right here in one package for you. Instead of boring you with talking about songs I’ve already reviewed a second time I’m going to focus on the new stuff here. Most of this is the same great Zits songs we’ve heard from the various EP’s and singles, they just sound way better, with a difference sequence. However for me the biggest prize here was the three new songs, ‘My Gyro’, ‘Flower Girl’ and ‘Surfin’ Safari’. ‘My Gyro’ is super fast, like, it’s only ten seconds of fast punk rock. ‘Flower Girl’ is my favorite type of Zits song, it’s catchy, fast, and it’s got some bounce and cool riffs. ‘Surfin’ Safari’ is a Beach Boys cover, it’s pretty damn impressive considering that The Zits isn’t comprised of a full band that can join together for the harmonies, but it gets faked really well. In the tradition of good punk Beach Boys covers this one definitely ranks up there. The only thing I’m really going to say about the sequence of this is I do like that the songs from the two acoustic EP’s were put on at the end. It kind of feels like you get bonus material, plus it avoids what may have been an awkward transition from a fast electric song to an acoustic one. So if you like pop punk, surf rock, or just good music in general Bubblegum Days should be in your listening rotation, it’s a good one. And with the remastering the Zits have never sounded better.

1. Surf Or Die
2. Gosh, I Need A Vacation
3. I Wanna Live On The Moon
4. My Gyro
5. Surfing Holiday
6. Rocket To Hawaii
7. Flower Girl
8. Scrambled Brains
9. Surfin’ Safari
10. I Never Thought
11. Marry Me In Waikiki
12. Slept In All Summer
13. Surf Zombies Must Die
14. Bubblegum & Poprocks (Acoustic)
15. I Can’t Get You Outta My Mind (Acoustic)
16. I Wanna Date My Classmate (Acoustic)
17. She’s Got No I.Q. (Acoustic)
18. My Birthday Sucks (Acoustic)
19. Twist My World Girl (Acoustic)
20. Dreaming Up My Own Fantasy (Acoustic)
21. My Girlfriend’s A Martian (Acoustic)
22. You’ll Always Have My Heart – Betty’s Song Pt. 1 (Acoustic)
23. Long Trip Home – Betty’s Song Pt. 2 (Acoustic)

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