REVIEW: The Windowsill: The Windowsill

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Do you like pop punk? Sure you do! Well strap in for this one because Windowsill is here with a phenomenal album full of pure pop punk goodness. Its twelve songs of some of the best new pop punk I’ve heard in a long time. This album is one of those that are so good it flies by without you even realizing it, so you’ve just got to put it on again so satisfy your hunger. The band has Marien Nicotine from the Apers in it, so it’s no surprise that it’s good, but honestly, if this album is any indication, Windowsill is going to be an even better band than the Apers. Now you’re probably thinking ‘where can I get this wonderful piece magic?’ you’ve got some choices there. If you’re a record person you can score the vinyl from the great Stardumb records, if you prefer CD’s the also great Monster Zero records has got you covered there, and if you just can’t wait for it to get to you or you like the way mp3’s smell Merman Records has the digital hook up for you. There you go; there are three different places to get this album on three different formats so you’ve got no excuse for not owning it. Pick it up and enjoy the pop punk that will fill your ears.

1. So Much Sharper
2. She Wasn’t Lying
3. Radio (She Turns On Her)
4. Forever Hold On
5. Most Importantly
6. Something Beautiful
7. Mess Me Up
8. No Destination
9. South Of France
10. Stuck On Zero
11. Summer’s Almost Over
12. One Of Those Nights

REVIEW: The Hundred Days: Really?

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Really? Is the debut album of San Francisco’s indie pop rockers, The Hundred Days. Its ten pretty solid songs that make up this album, though I wouldn’t say any one song really jumps out at you. I think this album has a really specific target audience, even if the band isn’t aware. I’d say anyone who really liked the Killers first album, but felt they ran out of steam after that should get on The Hundred Days real quick. This fills that pop rock void that the Killers were never able to quite keep filled. If you’re a fan of pop rock, and obviously specifically bands like The Killers, The Hundred Days will be right up your alley.

1. Girl at A Party
2. Tattoo Girl
3. Sex U
4. Out of Nowhere
5. The Hundred Days
6. Disaster
7. Silver and Gold
8. So What
9. Hey
10. Spin

Get Really? from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Volture: Rulebreaker

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If there’s one thing in the music world I love more than any other, it’s metal. The problem with that is, there’s just as much, if not more bad metal out there as there is good. But when a metal band is really on, it hits hard and it’s a great fucking feeling. Volture is one of those great bands, in fact this is the best new metal (not to be confused with nu metal) band I’ve heard in years. Oddly enough the last metal band I liked this much came from Richmond, just like Volture. Their new single features Volture’s ‘Rulebreaker’ on side A, it’s a pretty incredible song. The B side has a cover of Gotham City’s ‘Killer Angels’, Volture totally smokes this cover. This single is brought to us from Tankcrimes you can score the band’s single on vinyl or you can go the digital route. No matter what you decide to do, it’s going to be a great buy. Heavy and power metal fans rejoice because Volture is here with an amazing breath of fresh air to metal music.

1. Rulebreaker
2. Killer Angels

Get Rulebreaker from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Devasted: Fight

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America has Rancid, Japan has Brain Failure and now Italy has Devasted, at least as far as this album is concerned. I reviewed another Devasted album not long ago; it was a straight up punk rock album with various influences you could hear including Rancid. This album it appears they were listening to a lot more Rancid, I’m not saying this is a rip-off by any means but I’d be willing to bet a paycheck they listen to that band a lot. The songs all don’t sound like Rancid songs, it’s really most apparent in the bass lines, which is love because it’s so damn good. Devasted does take it and put their own stamp on it though, they avoid a lot of things that could turn this cheesy or hacky and just keep it down the path of quality punk. If you wish it was the 90’s again, but with an Italian accent then pick up ‘Fight’ by Devasted.


  1. Thinking About You
  2. Enemy
  3. Fight
  4. No Fuckin’ Doubt
  5. Break Before Be Broken
  6. Kill The DJ
  7. Let’s Punk Rock
  8. Pear Juice
  9. The Hairy
  10. White Blouse

Releases Worth Getting June 26, 2012

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21 Jump Street
The 39 Steps (The Criterion Collection)
The Samurai Trilogy (The Criterion Collection)

Mixtapes: Even on the Worst Nights
Teenage Bottlerocket: Freak out!
Hold Tight!: Blizzard of ’96

REVIEW: Maradonas: Qualcosa Da Dire

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Here’s some more of that Italian punk rock that I love so much. This time it’s Maradonas with their album ‘Qualcosa Da Dire’ coming to us from a handful of labels including Da Kila records, Narcolettica Records, Malas, Making Believe Records and Blunt Records. This Maradonas album is different from a lot of the Italian bands that I’ve been listening to because there’s an extreme lack of English lyrics on this album. But that’s alright with me, I don’t need to understand what I’m listening to as long as it sounds good, and Maradonas have that part down. They’re not exactly a pop punk band like a lot of the stuff released by Making Believe Records they’ve got more of that 90’s punk sound to them, like Rancid but without being a joke years later. If you like that right out punk rock sound, something in the vein of another band I reviewed not long ago, Devasted, then Maradonas is a great way to go. And the album ‘Qualcosa Da Dire’ has twelve great songs in a row on it.

1. Senza Preavviso
2. Nuova Stella
3. Fermerò Me Stesso
4. Intendere & Volere
5. Colpo su Colpo
6. Notte Perfetta
7. Uno e Nessuno
8. Sguardo Spento
9. Solo Rumore Per Te
10. Onestà Persa
11. Qualcosa da Dire
12. Al Baretto dello Stadio (Bonus track)

Get Qualcosa da dire from Amazon HERE

Dead Ringer/Melissa & Paul West Coast Tour

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