This is a hit that came out of nowhere and blindsided me. Indie-electro-pop that my ears eat up and beg for more. These seven songs are nothing short of excellent. This is the debut release of Keystone Kids; it’s a collaboration project of Ryan O’Donnell and Carly Comando (she’s got an Emmy under her belt so some people think she’s pretty good at this stuff). Generally I’m not a big fan of the electronic and keyboard stuff (writing that I realize you may think this is like some techno shit, it’s NOT), but they incorporate it so well with the indie rock that it slides right in perfectly. Lyrically the band admits most of them come from watching The Jersey Shore, but the songs are so good I’d have never guessed they come from such a low place. Every one of these songs are great but I think the album opens up with its best track ‘Crumble’ is just too good for words. Anyone who listens to the Postal Service, Death Cab For Cutie, Rilo Kiley or Ingrid Michaelson so yourself a giant favor and check this out, right now.

1. Crumble
2. Mouth
3. What They’re Saying
4. Falling
5. Up All Night
6. Miles
7. 44

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