This is a nice little surprise, a band from Ottawa called Uranium Comeback is here with an eight song EP for us all to enjoy. And enjoy it is exactly what I did. This EP is pretty great; it features members of the Steve Adamyk Band, Mother’s Children and some others. As you might imagine it’s full of high energy power pop, I’ve listened to this thing a ton of times and am still enjoying the hell out of it. Every one of these songs are great, ‘Minds’ is a stand out song as being the king of the EP. And their Pointed Sticks cover is great as well. The Vinyl of this is coming out as a 10″ on P.Trash and for you tape freaks the cassette is coming by way of Hosehead Records and if you just dig the digital version Merman Records has got you covered there. Power pop heads make sure you get your hands on this one because it’s well worth your time.

1. Out Of Time
2. Dance The Ground
3. Walking
4. Minds
5. Frightening
6. Burning Eyes
7. What Do You Want Me To Do? (Pointed Sticks Cover)
8. Wanted To Tell

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