REVIEW: Riccobellis: Booze-up With Dee Dee Ramone

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I love Italian pop punk bands, and it’s very clear that the Riccobellis love the Ramones. Between the album title and the song titles you can more or less guess the type of music you’re going to get out of this. And that is some quality pop punk tunes they way they should be. The reason I like Italian pop punk bands so much is they all just seem to get it, and this is a prime example of that. If you love the Ramones then I cannot recommend the Riccobellis (and especially this album) enough.

‘I’m Goin’ Into Space’ Excellent song to start things out here, it sounds like the Ramones and Teenage Bottlerocket combined to make something that you can’t help but be happy to listen to. Despite the song title there’s really not a whole lot about space in here (besides the repeating title), it sounds more like a party. Though who says space isn’t just a party?
‘She’s Knitting My Doom’ Not much lyrically to this song, but then again the Ramones didn’t always have the most intricate lyrics in the world. It’s a great little punk rock song you’ve got here.
‘Booze-Up With Dee Dee Ramone’ With a band that’s obviously so heavily influenced by the Ramones, it seems to make sense that they’re be a song about one of them. It’s a great tribute song to Dee Dee, a choice cut for sure.
‘I Don’t Wanna Stay Without You’ It’s a pop punk album so of course you’ve gotta have songs about girls. So if I can steal from MTX, this song is about a girl.
‘Now I Wanna Be A Bad Boy’ This song seems more like they were listening to a lot of the Queers when they wrote it, and that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes you wanna be a bad boy.
‘Julie Is A Punk Girl’ More Ramones love. You can guess how this one goes.
‘Love Is A Tender Question’ Another song about a girl, this one is way better than the previous. This is the premier love song off of the album; in fact this might be the best song on the album.
‘Let’s Run Down To The Beach’ A beach party of a song, more pop punk Ramones. I think the last line sums this song up pretty well “When we first met I saw you with your bikini, I thought I’m in paradise.”
‘Dreaming Of R’N’R High School’ The only school anybody really wants to go to, Rock n Roll High School. If you’re not there, you hate school, which is pretty much what this song is about. “I hate school, whoa oh oh oh oh”
‘You Don’t Know Why’ This is another song that actually reminds me a lot of Teenage Bottlerocket, it doesn’t really sound like them at all, but it could very easily. It’s another song about a girl.
‘Only You’ Lots of whoa oh’s in this song, always the perfect way to start out a song. This album didn’t have enough love songs already, so here’s another one. You can never have too many whoa oh’s.
‘Annie Doesn’t Love Me’ Closing it out is the song about heartbreak, the centerpiece of pop punk (and most music in general). This is the perfect closer for this album, and among the best songs on the album.

1. I’m Goin’ Into Space
2. She’s Knitting My Doom
3. Booze-Up With Dee Dee Ramone
4. I Don’t Wanna Stay Without You
5. Now I Wanna Be A Bad Boy
6. Julie Is A Punk Girl
7. Love Is A Tender Question
8. Let’s Run Down To The Beach
9. Dreaming Of R’N’R High School
10. You Don’t Know Why
11. Only You
12. Annie Doesn’t Love Me

REVIEW: Red Collar: Welcome Home

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This album isn’t like anything I’ve heard for a good while. It’s pretty much a straight American rock album, parts are like Gaslight Anthem and Replacements but a lot of this reminds me of 80’s rock of Bruce Springsteen and a bit of Bob Dylan. Plus this guy’s vocals sound a good bit like Chad Price to me. Pretty much this is what I’d imagine it would sound like if Chad Price started a Bruce Springsteen type band. Red Collar are really good at what they do I’m not super into this kind of stuff but I enjoyed this album a pretty good amount. People that miss having some of that 80’s rock around, this is the album for you.

1. Orphanage
2. American Me
3. The Old Piano Roll
4. Fade Into The Night
5. This House
6. Dodge K
7. Choices
8. Two Daughters
9. Losing My Accent
10. Welcome  Home

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