Nightlights are a great band and So It Goes is a great album. They barrow heavily from the Latterman style of pop punk but the band isn’t structured around it, which is pretty unique. Everything they put out is really good but So It Goes seems to be a cut above the rest. It features ten great songs that bounce somewhere between Latterman and The Menzingers (but way better) plus awesome song titles that reference some great movies. If you like great punk with some pop to it you can’t go wrong with Florida’s Nightlights, and I can’t recommend this album enough.

1. When You Grow Up Your Heart Dies
2. Truffle Shuffle
3. Obviously You’re Not A Golfer
4. That John Denver Is Full Of Shit!
5. Good Morning Mr. Breakfast
6. There’s Something In Nothing
7. Think They Show Speed Racer Here?
8. Laces Out, Dan!
9. Watch Out For That First Step, It’s A Doozey!
10. Party Hardy Marty

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