Ridgemont and Two Hand Fools have come together for a split, now I’ll admit I’m not familiar with Two Hand Fools but I am a big fan of Ridgemont so I was pretty stoked to hear this one and it didn’t disappoint. Ridgemont’s first song ‘Shaky Knees’ might be the best song they’ve ever done; they really knock it out of the park with that one. Their second song ‘Columbia George Vs. New England Winters’ is pretty great too, it picks up the pace a bit but is actually a longer song. The Two Hand Fools are a much slower band than Ridgemont but they’re songs are still very good. I like their first song ‘I Felt Love’ the best out of the two, at the beginning the vocals sound a bit like Wiz from Mega City Four, unfortunately that doesn’t keep up through the whole song, though it’s still a good one. The second song ‘Hot Tongues’ is good but it slightly misses the mark with me, it’s the weak link on this split, though it’s not a bad song. The split opens and closes with its strongest and weakest songs but all four of them are pretty solid. Be sure to check this one out kids, because it’s pretty damn good.

1. Shaky Knees
2. Columbia George Vs. New England Winters

Two Hand Fools:
3. I Felt Love
4. Hot Tongues