Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits “Doo-Doo Crayon” tour


Not only do Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits have five releases coming out this summer, there’s also a sweet tour you should hit up!


Thursday, June 14th – OAKLAND, CA @ Vitus w/ Angel & Robot Show, Sweet Nothing and Mud Mouth (TOUR KICKOFF SHOW!) – Facebook event link here:
Saturday, June 16th – LIBERTATIA YONL 2012 (DAY SHOW!)

Saturday, June 16th – RENO, NV @ Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor w/ TBA – Facebook event link here:

Monday, June 18th – MINNEAPOLIS, MN @ The Lowbrow Palace w/ Mean Mug and more
Tuesday, June 19th – CHICAGO, IL @ Township w/ Annie Strong, Days Off and Al Scorch – Facebook event link here:
Thursday, June 21st – BALTIMORE, MD @ The Ottobar for Insubordination Fest w/ Dr. Frank & Friends, Slow Death, Mikey Erg and many more! – Facebook event link here:
Friday, June 22nd – BOSTON, MA @ PA’s Lounge w/ Civil Warblers, Babydriver and Gums Mcgee! – Facebook event link here:

Saturday, June 23rd – NEW YORK, NY @ Grand Victory w/ Marvin Berry & The New Sound, Zero Content and more TBA
Sunday, June 24th – GOVERNOR’S ISLAND, NY @ Punk Island Festival – Facebook event link here:

Monday, June 25h – PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Cloud City w/ The Adults, The Numerators & Holidays – Facebook event link here:

Tuesday, June 26th – WASHINGTON, D.C. @ Wasted Dream w/ Harrison Four, Bouncing Betty and more TBA! – Facebook event link here:
Wednesday, June 27th – ASHEVILLE, NC @ Static Age Records w/ Street Eaters and Wade Boggs (ex Carrie Nations) – Facebook event link here:

Thursday, June 28th – ATHENS, GA @ The Globe Bar w/ Street Eaters, Antlered Auntlord and more!

Facebook event link:

Friday, June 29th – CHATTANOOGA, TN @ Sluggo’s North – Do Ya Hear We? Fest w/ Possible Side Effects, Hidden Spots, Dark Rides, Onetimers, Big Kitty, 40oz Folklore, Very Very Sneaky, Fast Boys, Future Virgins, Brainbow, ADDC, Zippers to Nowhere, Generator Earth, Aren’t They Queer, Real Drag, Gettobird, Golden Ruler, Child Support, Scum of the Earth, Fat Shadow, Street Eaters, Hard Feelings, Cheesequake, Neon Piss, Gumskirt, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, Nature Boys, Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa, the Wild Kind, and more!

Saturday, June 30th – MEMPHIS, TN @ The Globe w/ The Near Reaches and more
Sunday, July 1st – TULSA, OK @ TBA

Tuesday, July 3rd – LAS CRUCES, NM @ The Trainyard w/ City Mouse and more
Wednesday, July 4th – FLAGSTAFF, AZ @ TBA

Thursday, July 5th – LOS ANGELES, CA @ Olystis Music & Production Studios w/ Tartar Control, Ogre Mage and more!

Facebook event link here:

Friday, July 6th – WATSONVILLE, CA @ Springfield Music Hall w/ The Thirsty Three and more
Sunday, July 8th – BERKELEY, CA @ Rasputin Music (2pm early show!) – Facebook event link here:

Friday, July 13th – BERKELEY, CA @ Space Lounge at Saturn Cafe w/ Bryan McPherson, Victoria & The Vaudeviliians and Sarchasm – Facebook event link here:

REVIEW: Truman & His Trophy: Bottom George Pizza Planet

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Truman & His Trophy is definitely a unique band, the album title alone ‘Bottom George Pizza Planet’ would sell me on it without even hearing anything. But luckily if that happened to you, you’ll find that the music content is well worth your time as well. It’s kind of like weird rock with weird songs. Just looking through the track listings you can probably guess that this album is going to be something else, that guess would be right on the nose. There’s kind of float between relaxing hang out songs and party songs, most of the time hanging somewhere in-between. Half of these song titles seem like they would be characters or sketches from the Mighty Boosh, but there’s nothing quite as silly as that here. I can see these guys having a very niche fan base because they don’t quite seem to fit in anywhere else. But I’d gather most of their fans are either punk, indie rock or weird rock kids. Either way, whoever I’m going to be hanging out with at a show, I’m into this band.

1. Bottom George
2. Fruit Fight
3. The Virgin Harry
4. Jake Babe
5. Jake Hibernates
6. Eternal Nose
7. West
8. Everything Is Weird
9. Slam Dunk
10. Spicy Water
11. Arm
12. Galaxy Quest
13. Journey To Pizza Planet

Get Bottom George Pizza Planet from Amazon HERE


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