Last Romantics are a punk rock band from Italy; Melaverde Punkrock is a compilation of the band from Making Believe Records. What we have here is a nice mix of things, tracks one through eleven is from ‘Lovely Rockers’ fourteen through seventeen is from ‘Live In Buteghe Rock Club’ and twenty through twenty four are other gigs the band had. We’ve got three covers mixed in this collection that spans over twenty songs yet comes in at just under forty four minutes. This compilation has that nice benefit where it isn’t over fast but at the same time it doesn’t sound like you’ve been listening to it forever. Even with twenty four songs everything still feels fresh. The Last Romantics also have kind of a niche version of pop punk that you don’t find around too much, it’s a really snotty pop punk; it’s like they were listening to a lot of street punk records while they were making their music. Most fans of pop punk should appreciate this music and would enjoy owning this one.

1. More
2. If Tonight You Wanna Dance
3. Rock’n’roll
4. La Belle Époque
5. 29.05.05
6. Unlike
7. Before The Show
8. Stand Up
9. Angry Guy
10. Little Stupids
11. The Last Romantics
12. Before The Show (live)
13. Day At Rockaway Beach (live)
14. Ci Sei Solo Te (live)
15. Senza Via Di Scampo (live)
16. Day At Rockaway Beach
17. Ghoulies Are Go!
18. Oltre Al Fisico Niente
19. 29.05.05 (italian Version)
20. Jodie

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