Boston’s PanzerBastard is here with a great collection of EP’s plus a bonus. This CD contains the ‘Hell Gate’, ‘Bastards Die Hard’ and ‘Boston’ EP’s plus a cover of Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’. That brings this to a grand total of seventeen songs that fucking shred. If you don’t know PanzerBastard pull up a chair and hold onto your ass, PanzerBastard is basically what you’d get if you took hardcore punk, thrash metal, Tragedy, Motorhead and Venom, put them in a blender and shot it out of a canon. These seventeen songs are rage filled, kick you in the face, feel great bombs. I can’t think of any reason you wouldn’t want to own this, even if you have these EP’s already, they sound even better than they did before. So get your grubby hands on this already, you know you need some more hellacious ass kicking metal in your life. Oh and in case you’re wondering (you should be) the Ace of Spades cover, it’s no Lemmy, but it’s pretty good.

1. Hell Gate
2. Rebellion Dogs
3. Lemmings to the Blade
4. Fatherless Son of a War Machine
5. Gift of Desperation
6. Intro
7. Bastards Die Hard
8. Apocalypse Requiem
9. D.E.B.T.
10. No Gods
11. Grave Robber
12. PanzerBastard
13. Outro
14. PanzerBastard
15. Dead and Gone
16. White Knuckle Hellride
17. D.E.B.T.
18. Ace of Spades