Noise By Numbers is a band featuring Dan Vapid, Jeff Dean, Rick Uncapher, and Jimmy Lucido so you might expect that it have at least a little bit of a pop punk sound. The thing you might not expect if you haven’t heard the band though is that they’re not really a pop punk band, they’re more in the vein of Naked Raygun, Husker Du, or the Replacements. Jump Start Records brings us the new album from these Chicago punk rockers, its eleven songs that are all pretty good, though I can’t say there’s really a standout track among them. Even though this takes more the solid album approach rather than a disc full of hits it’s still a good thing to give a few spins. If you’re a fan of the Dan Vapid, this is definitely something you shouldn’t sleep on. Even if you’re not into the Vapid stuff if you’re into the above mentioned bands you might want to give Noise By Numbers a chance, and this album is a pretty good place to start.

1. A Song For Emily
2. Lost My Way
3. Swarm of Flies
4. Sara’s Reaching for the Sun
5. I Don’t Think So
6. Radiate
7. Satellite Number Eight
8. Yeah, Whatever
9. Yes, You
10. Disappointed
11. Over Leavitt

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