I kind of feel like this album was specifically made for me to listen to. From the comic book style cover featuring a fight with 50’s badasses sporting leather jackets to songs with Monkeys, calling people losers and about Back to the Future. It’s no secret that I’m pretty fond of Italian pop punk bands and this one is really trying to be my favorite, and I’ve got to say they’re making a pretty good case for it with this album. As with any pop punk band that knows what the fuck they’re doing Kill That Girl has plenty of songs about girls on this album, though not all of them are your typical kind, but the important thing is they’re there and they’re good, one of my favorite phrases being from Dr. Frank “here’s a song about a girl”. You can tell the band has heavy influences from Screeching Weasel and the Ramones and they use them well. Pop punk fans don’t miss out, you’re already late to the game if you don’t have this one. Pick it up and listen; it’s one of the best imports around!

1. Don’t Wanna Be
2. Laura
3. Dance My Baby
4. Fuck You Princess
5. Beatrice Is In Love
6. Stupid Bitches
7. Sweet Little Giudy
8. It’s Up to You (feat. Chris Polecat)
9. Back to the Future
10. Simple One (Just for Fun)
11. I Don’t Wanna Live In Hell
12. We Wanna Be Monkeys
13. Thanks You Losers

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