There’s a lot of great punk coming out of New York today and Rations is no exception, this band hails from Long Island and go right alongside all of the other great things coming from there. They hit that edge of punk that rides the line between being pop punk and just a really catchy version of your regular ol punk rock. A lot of it seems to have a Hot Water Music meets Dear Landlord sound but the more I listen to it the more I was thinking ‘damnit these guys have a giant Credentials feel to them, I wish they would have toured together’. There are eleven tracks on ‘For Victory’, though track seven is really a speech sound clip and ‘All Gone’ is really a swing and as miss as far as I’m concerned, though it does sound much different than the rest of the album. Everything else on here is some top notch tunes; I listened to this three times in a row and only stopped because I had to get out of my car. Not only does this thing sound good but it’s got the looks too. There’s a CD and LP version, both of which are pretty unique. I’m working off the CD version here; it’s got that half clear thing going on that I haven’t seen in a while, so it’s nice to see something different sometimes. I don’t have the LP but I’ve seen it, it’s one sided but they put the blank side to good use and it looks great. If you dig good fast salty pop punk ‘For Victory’ is for you, you can pick it up from 86’d Records now.

1. Alcohol And Sleeping Pills
2. Battery Park
3. Rations For Victory
4. San Loco
5. Shore Road
6. Twenty-Two And Ten
7. …
8. All Gone
9. Good Samaritan
10. (What If…) Jessica Jones Had Joined The Avengers
11. Night Nurse