Here’s some more of that Italian punk rock that I love so much. This time it’s Maradonas with their album ‘Qualcosa Da Dire’ coming to us from a handful of labels including Da Kila records, Narcolettica Records, Malas, Making Believe Records and Blunt Records. This Maradonas album is different from a lot of the Italian bands that I’ve been listening to because there’s an extreme lack of English lyrics on this album. But that’s alright with me, I don’t need to understand what I’m listening to as long as it sounds good, and Maradonas have that part down. They’re not exactly a pop punk band like a lot of the stuff released by Making Believe Records they’ve got more of that 90’s punk sound to them, like Rancid but without being a joke years later. If you like that right out punk rock sound, something in the vein of another band I reviewed not long ago, Devasted, then Maradonas is a great way to go. And the album ‘Qualcosa Da Dire’ has twelve great songs in a row on it.

1. Senza Preavviso
2. Nuova Stella
3. Fermerò Me Stesso
4. Intendere & Volere
5. Colpo su Colpo
6. Notte Perfetta
7. Uno e Nessuno
8. Sguardo Spento
9. Solo Rumore Per Te
10. Onestà Persa
11. Qualcosa da Dire
12. Al Baretto dello Stadio (Bonus track)

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