America has Rancid, Japan has Brain Failure and now Italy has Devasted, at least as far as this album is concerned. I reviewed another Devasted album not long ago; it was a straight up punk rock album with various influences you could hear including Rancid. This album it appears they were listening to a lot more Rancid, I’m not saying this is a rip-off by any means but I’d be willing to bet a paycheck they listen to that band a lot. The songs all don’t sound like Rancid songs, it’s really most apparent in the bass lines, which is love because it’s so damn good. Devasted does take it and put their own stamp on it though, they avoid a lot of things that could turn this cheesy or hacky and just keep it down the path of quality punk. If you wish it was the 90’s again, but with an Italian accent then pick up ‘Fight’ by Devasted.


  1. Thinking About You
  2. Enemy
  3. Fight
  4. No Fuckin’ Doubt
  5. Break Before Be Broken
  6. Kill The DJ
  7. Let’s Punk Rock
  8. Pear Juice
  9. The Hairy
  10. White Blouse
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