Do you like pop punk? Sure you do! Well strap in for this one because Windowsill is here with a phenomenal album full of pure pop punk goodness. Its twelve songs of some of the best new pop punk I’ve heard in a long time. This album is one of those that are so good it flies by without you even realizing it, so you’ve just got to put it on again so satisfy your hunger. The band has Marien Nicotine from the Apers in it, so it’s no surprise that it’s good, but honestly, if this album is any indication, Windowsill is going to be an even better band than the Apers. Now you’re probably thinking ‘where can I get this wonderful piece magic?’ you’ve got some choices there. If you’re a record person you can score the vinyl from the great Stardumb records, if you prefer CD’s the also great Monster Zero records has got you covered there, and if you just can’t wait for it to get to you or you like the way mp3’s smell Merman Records has the digital hook up for you. There you go; there are three different places to get this album on three different formats so you’ve got no excuse for not owning it. Pick it up and enjoy the pop punk that will fill your ears.

1. So Much Sharper
2. She Wasn’t Lying
3. Radio (She Turns On Her)
4. Forever Hold On
5. Most Importantly
6. Something Beautiful
7. Mess Me Up
8. No Destination
9. South Of France
10. Stuck On Zero
11. Summer’s Almost Over
12. One Of Those Nights

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