Power violence and grind fans this one is for you. He Who Currupts is here with an EP which includes five songs that blast through your speakers. It may only be five songs but it’s plenty to listen to. This flows from chaotic pounding to a more organized almost hardcore sound, which I think provides a nice gateway for the hardcore kids to get into grindcore. There seems to be a Converge influence through a lot of this which makes that bridge happen but don’t worry grindcore guys there’s still plenty here that will appease to fans of bands like Daughters and Unholy Grave. In case the five songs provided here aren’t enough for you the CD is enhanced with a video from the band. All in all this is a great package and some of the best grind/power violence I’ve heard in a long time, it’s truly a rare thing today as it seems all of those bands have gone away. It’s nice to hear that someone is still keeping it alive.

1. Your Mama On The Rocks
2. Whose Ball Bearings Need Greasin’
3. Pain In The Tight Pants
4. Fuck You and F That
5. Grinding For Jesus

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