This is a split I was really excited for; it’s two bands that I like a whole lot on one record. I had this hyped pretty high in my own mind, even with the high hype I had worked up both bands delivered and lived up to my own expectations. I honestly can’t say which side is better because both of these are equally great. And when I say great I don’t mean ‘oh these are two pretty good songs’, no each band delivers two top notch songs that make this a must own record. Spraynard brings two fucking great songs, again I’m not sure which one I like better, they did a great job of choosing what to put on here. If you’re a Spraynard fan, this is a must have. Sundials is a band I’ve been big on since the first time I saw them open on some random show, again they have two great songs that any Sundials fan has to have. If you like either band you have to own this record, if you like one of these bands, you have to own this record. If you don’t know one or both bands, this record offers a great starting point for either. You really can’t go wrong with this slab of vinyl.

1. No Taxis In Malvern
2. Subsidizing Edward Norton

3. Snowballs At Cops
4. Fire Escape

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