The Holy Mess is here with an incredible 7″ record. It’s got three songs and all three of them are incredible.  They’re a band out of Philadelphia that’s showing that good punk bands still exist. A lot of people compare these guys to Menzingers or Loved Ones and sometimes Latterman. I guess I can see the comparison to these bands a bit but for my money Holy Mess is better than all three of them, and that’s just with this record alone. The first song if very much quality punk rock song. While the other songs infuse a little more rock into them, but make no mistake about it, they’re still punk songs to the core. I guess I’ll pull from the above references and say if you like Latterman, the Menzingers or the Loved Ones but wish they were better. Or if you don’t like them but still have hope for that style of punk, do yourself a favor and check out The Holy Mess, specifically this 7″.

1. Goodbye 3713 (Must’ve Been A Good One)
2. A Soulful Punk Tune About a Working Class Dreamer
3. I think Corduroy Is Making A Comeback

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