In advance I’m going to say here I’ll try to keep my comparisons to the pervious Spider-Man movies to a minimum…however it’s going to happen. So let’s get one out of the way right off the bat, The Amazing Spider-Man’s biggest problem is that Spider-Man was made in 2002. I really liked this movie, but I felt pretty bored watching it. There was a ‘oh hum seen it before’ feeling throughout most of it, if Spider-Man hadn’t been made ten years ago I’d have probably loved this one. The problem with rebooting a movie so soon after a series is made is its just rehashed things that are still fresh in your head, do we really need another origin story again? The answer is a strong no. Most of your people going to watch these movies know what’s up, there’s no need to go through it all again. Now let’s get negative for a bit, the things I didn’t like about this. There was no “With great power comes great responsibility” line, this might seem trivial to a lot of people, but it’s pretty fucking iconic. There was no J. Jonah Jameson; this seems silly that he wasn’t even in there for a second, of course as far as I’m concerned you’d have to cast J.K. Simmons again, because he is Jameson. And lastly Peter Parker is REALLY bad at keeping his secret identity. People complained about this in the last series but I think Spider-Man runs around without his mask way more in this movie than the previous three combined, not to mention he tells Gwen Stacy the first chance he gets, it’s pretty ridiculous. On the plus side there was a lot of good. Andrew Garfield seemed way more ‘Spider-Man’ than Tobey Maguire, their Peter Parkers are pretty even though. The spider suit in this one I actually liked better, it wasn’t as close to the comic as the previous but it didn’t have that annoying silver webbing standing out as before. There were some changes to the origin but nothing really that I couldn’t look past (though the whole Gwen knows thing was really annoying). As far as the cast goes, as I said before Andrew Garfield is pretty comparable to Tobey Maguire. Rhys Ifans did a great Connors, though I did like Dylan Baker as well in that role, I’d call that even. The look of the Lizard was pretty bad. Denis Leary did a great Captain Stacy, Martin Sheen was a great Uncle Ben and Chris Zylka was a near perfect Flash Thompson. Sally Field was a decent Aunt May but I liked Rosemary Harris way better. And finally we come to Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy, she’s picture fucking perfect in this role, in fact I’d say her filling the role of Gwen Stacy is the best thing about the entire movie, it’s as good as a match up as J.K. Simmons and J. Jonah Jameson. So I guess in closing here, decent flick, I’d even say really good, but kind of old news at this point. There were things I liked about it and things that annoyed me (a lot of each I held off on other wise I’d be writing all week) but good effort. I wish they’d have just continued from the point where Parker had powers instead of starting from the beginning again but what are you gonna do? If you’re a Spider-Man super fan you’re going to see this regardless of what you’re told, if you’re not a Spider-Man superfan I say check this out if you get a chance but it’s no must see movie for you if you’ve already seen the Sam Raimi one.

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