WWE is still in the movie business, and they’re still attempting to crank out a good one. This time they’ve put Edge in the title role. I kind of had some hopes for this one because it looked like it was going to be a comedy and Edge is a pretty charismatic guy so I thought it might work this time around. Unfortunately it was more of an action/comedy without jokes and it was pretty flat at that. The same guy that wrote Triple H’s movie from last year ‘Inside Out’ also wrote this one. And directing it was Artie Mandelberg, also the director of ‘Inside Out’ and a ton of random TV show episodes. The direction wasn’t all that bad but the writing was about as amazing as flat soda. I didn’t hate myself for watching it as I tend to do with most WWE movies, but it also didn’t really have anything to redeem it either. The jokes were not there at all, the ‘mystery’ was pretty lame, overall I could have turned off the movie at any point and not given a shit about how it ended. It was kind of a buddy movie, Edge was a cop, and Jamie Kennedy is the assistant DA who’s trying to put him away for taking some drug money. Jamie’s car gets stolen and Edge is a super nice guy who helps him find it while working some secret case he shouldn’t be touching. Jessica Walter did play Jamie Kennedy’s character’s mother, so that was a nice little surprise, but it was about the high point of the movie. All in all, if you really really want to see it, do it for free. But I’d really rather you waste your time some other way. As boring as this was the WWE seems like they’re getting close to a good movie this time, so maybe one day there will be one.

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