Superman vs. The Elite is DC’s newest addition to their series of animated movies. Overall they’ve done pretty well with these, very few of them seem to be bad, this one is based on the “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?” storyline that was published in Action Comics back in 2001. Personally I’d forgotten all about this story so it had that weird parts of it were new but I still sort of remembered it. From what I remember of this they did a pretty good adaption, the damage on Superman during the big final fight is the most beat up we’ve seen him in any of the animated movies, not to mention he seemed pretty crazy and pissed off which was cool. Basically what’s happening here is this team of super heroes appears out of nowhere, they say they’re the good guys and they’re fighting the baddies, but they go for the permanent solution of being judge jury and executioner of everyone they battle. This doesn’t sit well with Superman, and Superman being against them doesn’t sit well with this new team, The Elite. Things break down pretty fast and there is of course a giant fight. The movie is only an hour and fifteen minutes, which I think is plenty for one of these. It’s not the best DC animated movie they’ve done but it was pretty decent. A good way to kill an hour and some, but I don’t know if I’d go owning this one.

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