I’d been hearing a ton of hype about Goon, I’d been really excited about it since I first saw the trailer, but with people telling me how good it was I wasn’t sure if it was actually going to live up to the hype so it sat around for a while before I got around to watching it. Hockey is one of those sports were most of the movies they make about it are really good, so this movie had some stiff competition to go up against. Even with all of that mounting somewhat against it Goon comes out on top. Not only is this a great movie, but it just might be the greatest hockey movie ever. I haven’t been this thrilled about a hockey movie since the first time I saw the Mighty Ducks twenty years ago, I don’t know if that movie still holds up but this certainly will. After I finished watching Goon I was filled with that excitement and happiness that you only get when you finish watching a great film. It’s the story of a guy that gets by on being tough, he’s a bouncer, and when he beats the shit out of a local hockey guy the coach recruits him. From there he actually turns this into a job and there’s a lot of hype and fanfare that comes with it. The movie comes to a head when he gets the chance to go head to head with one of the best enforcers on the ice, it’s almost a big boxing match feel around the whole thing with team championships on the line. Michael Dowse directed this one, he’s also the guy that directed ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ and ‘Fubar’, two decent movies but neither even come close to the greatness of Goon. The movie is filled with faces you’ll recognize including Kim Coates, Eugene Levy, Jay Baruchel and of course Seann William Scott. Seann William Scott does a great job at playing that loveable lug that a lot of people love and a few hate, some might call it a niche but he runs with it and I think Goon is his crowning achievement. I’ve liked this guy in everything he’s been in, even if I didn’t really like the movie that much, but Goon outdoes them all, it knocked Role Models out of the top spot for Seann William Scott movies. I really just can’t recommend this movie enough. If you’re a hockey fan then this is required viewing, but even if you don’t like hockey I think this stands strong enough on its own that everyone will see the good things the movie has to offer.

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