Get Thrashed, or Get Thrashed: The Story of Thrash Metal is a documentary about thrash metal. It runs about two hours (with another hour or extras) and goes down thrash metal from the start until today. It’s got a good mix of just an overview so it doesn’t end up being fifteen hours, and goes in-depth to some bands. It doesn’t just pick like the big four to go into, it digs into a lot of bands you may not have heard of. This is a great documentary for big metal heads that like hearing about the things that they love and it’s also an awesome introduction to thrash if you’re new to it. It touches on a lot of great bands and calls out some top rate albums that’ll get you well on your way to becoming a full time metal head. It looks like the director Rick Ernst has only made this, but I hope he kicks out some more documentaries because this one was done pretty well. I watch a lot of documentaries and like a lot of metal, and I very much enjoyed this one, it’s in the higher level of metal documentaries that I’ve seen. My only problem with this documentary is some of the interviews. They’re talking about all these great bands, with interviews from band members, but then they also interview some more current bands, just about all of which fucking suck. I understand that these are some of the bands that early thrash bands influenced but I don’t give a flying fuck about with the guy from slipknot, or Killswitch Engage has to say about Kreator. This is a must watch for any thrash fan, and my highest recommendation if you’re just getting into thrash. Get Thrashed is a fucking great documentary that goes up there with the likes of the best of them, like ‘Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey’.

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