Eight Men Out is the story of the Black Sox, maybe the biggest scandal ever in the history of baseball. Back in 1919 the Chicago White Sox took bribes to throw the World Series, this resulted in a pretty big uproar as you might imagine, resulting in the team not being able to play baseball ever again and sadly one of the greats, ‘Shoeless Joe’ Jackson being blackballed from the Hall of Fame despite his claims of innocence. The first thing I noticed about this movie was the cast, it is stacked. John Cusack, Christopher Lloyd, Charlie Sheen, John Mahoney, and Michael Rooker plus a bunch of other faces you’ll most likely recognize. It’s almost too much to get past, about the only person I didn’t recognize was D.B. Sweeney playing one of the center pieces, Joe Jackson, but the guy did a pretty good job.  Once you’re done being getting star struck this is a pretty damn good baseball movie (but aren’t they all?). In the course of the movie they cover the seeds of the plan, the setup, convincing everyone to get on board, where it started to fall apart, pulling it off, getting caught, the trial and the aftermath. It’s a pretty complete movie. There is a lot of baseball in here but it’s mostly just quick shots of plays, most of the movie is centered on the players getting scammed, or trying to scam and the people behind this whole thing. I’m not sure how much of it is accurate (or if anyone is) but it’s seems like a pretty good representation of what happened, or what most likely happened. After everything that goes down and everyone is banned the final scene is one that I’ve seen copied and parodied a few times but I’ve never known where it came from, Joe Jackson playing in some small town league a few years later, so it was nice to finally know the origin of that. If you’re a baseball fan I highly recommend this one, if you’re not, well why the fuck would you be watching a baseball movie, so I guess that doesn’t matter does it? It’s a good movie that covers a giant piece of sports history, though we may not know how accurate it is it sure looks good.

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