I’ve really been into the stuff IDW has been doing lately and I’ve very recently started to get into Danger Girl so this series was perfect timing for me. Written by Andy Hartnell, art by Chris Madden and Jeromy Cox. This is a four issue series where the main reason for it existing is to introduce a new girl to the Danger Girl team. This is still a new series so I don’t really want to spoil much here for anyone that hasn’t read it yet but I will say it’s a fun read. I love the action movie mixed with James Bond type of feel that this has to it. It’s like one of the 90’s action movies that’s pretty cheesy but you still love it because you know deep down it’s actually a great film. If anything this series just got me really excited to rip into all the other Danger Girl stuff I have stocked up to read. I can’t really speak how this stacks up to Danger Girl titles of past but if you’re a new reader this is an excellent place to start.

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