Adam West, the man most people know from the 60’s Batman TV show. Adam West is a great actor blending drama and comedy perfectly into each other. This comic series centers around Adam West the actor, he’s having problems finding work because he doesn’t like the way most characters are portrayed now a days. Today in movies there’s rarely the good guy and the bad guy, instead there’s too many shades and grey and bending the rules and Adam isn’t down with that. Adam in his search for Hollywood work comes across this amulet which throws him into roles that he has played; he spends his time writing wrongs and trying to find a way out. It’s kind of like quantum leap, with Adam West and Hollywood. As Adam leaps into different roles you get a different story (basically each book, new story, they all connect). They are all pretty great, I was going to pick a favorite and run with it at this point but looking back all of the stories are pretty strong and equally great. The book is written by Adam West, Walter Fernandez Jr. & Arastao Maree. I can’t really direct this at a certain type of comic fan but rather fans of Adam West will love this book. If you’re in on the joke and like camp, you’ll dig the Misadventures of Adam West.

Side note, there appears to be a second volume of this running. I won’t go into details because it’s still going but I’m not into it anywhere as much as this first volume. Volume two has failed to pull me in at all.

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