This three part series came out in 1994; Spider-Man is wanted for murder after a man is found dead in Spider-Man’s webbing which failed to dissolve. This is a pretty good Spider-Man story, instead of him battling villains (for the most part) he’s second guessing himself wondering if he’s responsible while trying to prove that he isn’t. Much like the days of old Spider-Man the cops are after him and everyone in the city hates him. He even goes as far as to stop using his webbing until he’s sure it’s safe. This is during a period where Peter Parker and Mary Jane are together, but for some reason they put her on a remote film shoot for six weeks, and make some huge deal out of it, that was a little weird and unnecessary but whatever. Story wise this is pretty great Jack C. Harris deserves some props on the great writing here, it shows Spider-Man can still have a real interesting story going on without any super villains (for two issues). The art though, provided by Scott Kolins and Sam DeLaRosa I kind of love and hate. Spider-Man and all the detail involving him are great. But normal everyday people look kind of embarrassing, the art really looks dated and it’s got that giant 90’s comic stamp on it. One thing I really liked though is the use of webbing for the background between panels; unfortunately this is only done for the first issue. This will be a great read for any Spider-Man fans.

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