Bishop is a character I’ve always had a love/hate relationship going with. He’s generally only tolerable in small doses, except when he was first introduced. Still I always love the history of the future thing that tends to surround him so I figured this would be a good read. It’s only three issues and it runs pretty smoothly so it didn’t take me that long to read. Most of it is in the form of Bishop’s internal monolog recounting things that have happened. It starts from before his birth, and mostly stays in the dark future. The mutant camps and what he had to do to survive. Eventually it brings him to joining the X-Men and doing what he thinks he has to do. It doesn’t go into a whole lot of detail once he gets on the X-Men team but if you know you’re X-Men history you can fill it in on your own, and if you don’t, it’s really not that big of a deal for this. The art on this is pretty good, this mini-series came out in 2009 and it seems like they’re trying to imitate the art of the 90’s X-Men books and pull it off pretty well. Overall it isn’t amazing or essential but it is pretty interesting, I don’t really think anyone who doesn’t care about Bishop will care about this but Bishop fans will enjoy it, if nothing else, just to fill in some holes in future history.

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