Oliver Stone has been in more than a bit of a slump lately, but he had what looked like it would be a return to greatness with Savages. A movie about two small time weed dealers who get in over their heads when a bigger organization wants to take over, they reject the offer given to them and their woman gets kidnapped. As far as names there’s only a couple Benicio Del Toro, John Travolta and Salma Hayek were about the only big names in here, there’s a few faces I recognized though. Still though, big name actors don’t always make the movie. Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson are the lead roles on the side of the ‘good guys’, all did decent jobs here though nothing blew me away performance wise, which seemed to be pretty par for the course with the whole movie. Nothing was really bad about it but there wasn’t anything really great either. The movie kind of chugs along at a mediocre pace, you really feel the over two hours of runtime here, which is a shame, a movie like this should skid along without you noticing. They even try a little fancy trick towards the end, the type of thing that should really make you go ‘wow, that was great’ but instead it comes off as ‘uuuh ok, well that was a thing that happened….’. John Travolta is in the movie for about fifteen minutes but it’s a great fifteen, however the real standout is Benicio Del Toro. He pretty carries the entire movie on his back. Del Toro is pretty much the right hand man of Salma Hayek (the big boss of the bad guys), and he is a bad bad man. Luckily we see a lot of Benicio Del Toro here, you could argue that it’s his movie, and it’s a good thing too. He’s the type of bad guy that you really like seeing in the movie, but really hope he gets it good in the end. Overall the movie is ho-hum decent but not great, but Benicio Del Toro is pretty amazing. Personally I’d wait for this one to come on HBO or something (though not a TV edit version, there’s some pretty brutal stuff you won’t want to miss).

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