This has only one issue, which is a real shame because it might be THE BEST zine I have ever read. It’s a forty page one filled with the tales of one man and his move to Japan. The man is Servo, he moved to Japan to teach English, and soon he found out that the company he works for is more interested in scamming people out of money than teaching them English. On top of that he lives with his seemingly insane supervisor until he can get a better living situation. There are also stories about the punk rock community there, having a chance at romance and just hanging out and how someone might spend their days and nights in Japan. This zine really made me want to go to Japan, it sounds fantastic without romanizing it too much, because he speaks about the downers of being there too. I really wish this was more than forty pages because I tore through it pretty fast. I feel like I could read a novel written by this man. I hope he continues to write more, because I will eagerly read it.

Get it from John Wilkes Booth Records HERE

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