Futurama/Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis

If you’re familiar with the idea behind Futurama (as you should be), the Futurama universe is treated as real life and the Simpsons as fiction. This starts out as what appears to be a Simpsons comic but we are quickly shown its Fry reading a Simpsons comic. Anyway, the Planet Express crew is dropping off some comic books to a nerd planet when they are attacked by the giant floating brains. The brains send the crew into comics with a Literature Mind-Meld. The crew is thrown into an old-timey beach comic, which is a pretty nice one page comic. After that the evil brain’s plan is reveled, the brains throw the crew into another comic and this time it happens to be a Simpsons comic. The crew gets spread out amongst Springfield, each finding their way into a job or some sort of Springfielden role. At the end of the first book things appear to be doomed, fry is trapped in school, Farnsworth is committed, and Nibbler has been dumbed down with milk! The second issue moves pretty fast, the crew is hanging out with members of the Simpsons universe, everybody gets back together as a group, Mr. Burns starts in an evil plot and the two professors (Farnsworth and Frink) come in to semi-save the day. Generally, even as big as a Simpsons and Futurama fan as I am I’ve never been a big fan of the Simpsons or Futurama comics, but I totally loved this. Both issues just flew by and seemed like it could have been a great cross over show. I’d highly recommend this for any Futurama or Simpsons fan.

Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis II

At first I thought this was a direct sequel since the first cross over ended with the Simpsons universe in the Futurama universe but we quickly see that Professor Farnsworth is to blame this time. He invented a machine that can cut into the fabric of fiction, once cutting a Simpsons comic it brings Springfield to New New York. Once there the members of the Simpsons fictional universe are being rounded up and used as slaves. Things go a-rye (as always) and every fictional character from every book ever written is unleashed on New New York, and they are angry. The Planet Express crew and the Simpson family have to work together to stop New New York from being destroyed by the fictional works. This is another great crossover of the two universes; again I’d say any Simpsons or Futurama fan needs to check this out. However I think the biggest difference is the first cross over comic seems to be more of a genuine crossover between the two where the second one could really be made into a normal Futurama episode or movie (I’d be down with this happening).

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