Sonar – Baltimore, MD
Thursday, May, 17th 2012

I had not been back to Sonar since the Insubordination Fest fiasco a few years ago; I had not planned on ever returning. The place is pretty shitty, I’ve n ever liked it, and then that whole situation was just the last straw. However with months leading up to the event I was talked into going by various people. The show was pretty expensive for a pop punk show, $22 (twice the price I’ve ever paid to see The Queers). Screeching Weasel wasn’t even really the band we know as Screeching Weasel, it was Ben Weasel and some other guys. But I figured the Queers are always great, and my main reason for going was the Night Birds. And judging by the way the bands played the lineup should have been flipped.

Night Birds – This is the first time I’ve seen Night Birds since Mike quit and they got a new guy on guitar. It was a little weird to see them without the guitar player on the floor playing but they totally killed it. The best set of the night was over when they walked off stage.

The Queers - At this point in life there’s not much I can say about the Queers. If you’ve ever seen the Queers play then you know it’s always a fun time. They always bring the fun fuck you style of pop punk and I always love seeing it. It would have been pretty great if they’d played ‘Ben Weasel’ thought.

“Screeching Weasel” – Ben Weasel is a rock star, and in rock star fashion he had to make everyone wait for the band to appear on stage. When that happened there was a lead up with fucking entrance music. I was half surprised Ben wasn’t lowered from the ceiling, or brought out being carried on a throne. That being said I’ll give them some credit. I don’t know how long they’ve been playing with this lineup but they were pretty tight. And they played pretty much every song I needed, though with a two page set list that included two encores, how could you not. Ben looked pretty bored on stage half the time, and of course went off on a few little rants with jokes that no one but him really found funny. Overall they had a pretty average band performance.

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