The Main Man’s – New Castle, DE
Sunday, June 24, 2012

After Insub fest, still dead tired I ventured out to Delaware to catch some more great bands. Flamingo Nosebleed was on this bill but I don’t know what happened to them, bummer, I was looking forward to seeing them again. Even without Flamingo Nosebleed it was still a blast, lots of great people there.

Bummers – The first time I’ve seen Bummers and I hope not the last. Well really its one dude, and most of his songs are covers, but it’s really fucking great. I need to find out if there’s some of this stuff recorded because I enjoyed the fuck out of it. Jose, who tagged along with Rational Anthem even jumped in on drums randomly for a few songs, it was pretty great.

Rational Anthem – Rational Anthem is one of my favorite bands going right now, they’ve just put out what may be the best album of the year, I just saw them at Insub Fest a couple days before this but I needed more. They didn’t play ‘Same Shirt’ this time, but that’s ok because they’ve got a ton of other great songs that they did play. They also played a couple of Not Yet! songs since Jose was with them, that was a nice addition to the set. I can’t stress enough now you need to see this band if you can, they bring it every fucking time they play.

Lipstick Homicide – I just saw Lipstick Homicide the day before this but it doesn’t matter, it needed to be done again, especially because they were one of the best bands that played that day of Insub Fest. Here again they played a picture perfect set, I don’t know how they go out and do it time after time, they’re really a treat to see live.

The Headies – I haven’t seen the Headies since they released their Meta-Pop album, they opened with ‘Meta-Pop’ and also played ‘Good Morning Miss Bliss’ and ‘Please Kill Me’ from that album, all top hits. They also threw in an impromptu Plow United cover. The Headies are always a party when you see them.

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