Two Mormon missionaries and a robot named Robot make up the band Tartar Control. What would a band like this sound like? Well it’s something like part Peelander-Z, part Good Clean Fun and part Kreator. They’re pretty much a hardcore thrash band, not what I was expecting from the album cover or anything I saw before I listened to this album. At first I wasn’t sure if this was a gimmick or if they were in fact, a Mormon band. This album has a whopping thirty tracks on it, granted there are more than a few skits on here, which aren’t all funny, but they’re completely necessary for the tone of this thing. If I had gone through and listened to this without the skits I most likely would have written this off as an alright thrash band and been done, but with the skits it turns this whole thing into something so much more amazing. It took me a little while to jump on board with this, but not too long. There was a skit where the band was playing a metal house, the owner kicked them out because instead of selling tickets they baked them into pies and gave them to their friends. Then it kicks into the song ‘Satanists Are Fucking Dicks’ a big dumb smile hit my face and I was on board. If you like thrash and hardcore and gimmick bands Tartar Control is for you. And if you like robots, stick around for the hidden track.

1. Hello
2. Jesus is Love
3. Salt Lake
4. Child Molester
5. Lazy Fuck
6. The Metal House
7. Satanists Are Fucking Dicks
8. Diabolical
9. Chimney Sweep
10. Drinking Gasoline
11. Self Defense
12. NoHo Dojo
13. Burn It to the Ground
14. Pretty Stupid
15. Marshmallow Squares
16. My Grandma Fights
17. You’re So Fat
18. Pony King
19. Smoking Crack
20. Screaming Contest
21. Oxygen Is For Fags
22. Joe Was a Humpback Whale (But Now He’s Dead)
23. Alaska
24. Fuzzy Bunnies
25. Cramps Don’t Mean You’re Pregnant
26. Love
27. Tickle Me Elmo
28. Sodomy Basket
29. Peach Cobbler Party
30. Goodbye

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