REVIEW: Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham

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Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham is a DC Elseworlds title, which is kind of DC’s version of Marvel’s ‘What If?’, these range from pretty bad to great, which is to be expected with things like this. A lot of times they turn out to be kind of goofy, this one takes the Batman story and kind of flips it to Catwoman. Like literally, Catwoman has the parents murdered in an alley origin, she’s rich, has a batcave, a batmobile (all cat themed) and a butler (whom is a sexy young girl in a maid’s uniform instead of Alfred). With the Elseworlds everything is a little different, Catwoman looks mostly like she did for that period except she’s wearing a corset over her costume, and Commissioner Gordon appears unchanged, as does Killer Croc. Two-Face is a woman that use to be a model, Joker hasn’t changed much except he has hooks in his face keeping his eyes open and his mouth in a smile, it’s pretty disturbing. Since Catwoman is the hero here Batman has been changed to the villain. At first it’s believed he’s another vigilante who simply kills the people he comes up against, soon it’s found out he’s simply taking out the competition before he starts his crime spree. The look of Batman is mostly unchanged but the small changes do make him look pretty damn scary. It’s basically a tattered cape and red eyes but it’s pretty affective. Bruce Wayne is even a scoundrel in here; he’s a poor man that seduces Selina Kyle for her money. All in all this was a pretty fun read. There isn’t a whole lot of craziness going on in this one as it’s simply a role reversal but its two issues and a fun read. Doug Moench and Jim Balent are the men behind this one; if you’re a Batman or Catwoman fan you’ll most likely enjoy it.

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REVIEW: Consenting Adults

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This movie is further proof that Kevin Spacey doesn’t make bad movies. Consenting Adults however is a movie that Kevin doesn’t have to carry alone, Kevin Kline is in as the co-starring role, I never knew they did a movie together, but it’s a good thing they did, it’s a great team. We’ve also got Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as an added bonus in a good sized role here and even a bit of Forest Whitaker. Basically what we’ve got here is Richard Parker and Priscilla Parker are a nice married couple, Eddy and Kay Otis move in next to them. Eddy is a bit of a scam artist, they find out this out when he offers to pull something to help his neighbors get out of debt; they take the money but do it reluctantly. Eventually the two couple become close friends; Eddy wants to make it more than friends with a bit of a wife swap deal, as you can imagine this turns bad, but not in the way you may think. Someone ends up in jail on murder charges; he claims he’s innocent, while attempting to prove this some more bodies start to stack up. I loved the way this movie went, there’s a few turns, some you don’t see at all, some I was thinking ‘it would be awesome if this happened but they won’t do that’. A lot of people seem to be down on this movie a lot for some reason but I think the cast took this ball and ran all the way downfield with it. If you’re into murder mysteries Consenting Adults is a movie you should check out.

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REVIEW: G.I. Joe: Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles

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Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles was a cartoon that didn’t last very long. How long? You may wonder. It only lasted a single episode. Sgt. Savage is kind of a Captain America super charged. He was a soldier that got captured, some experiments were done on him and he was cryogenically frozen. He awoke fifty years in the future with super strength, but as a nice twist, he can’t really control it. Sometimes he goes from super to super-duper. The animation seems about on par with the mid 90’s, it reminds me of the Ghostbusters cartoon, on steroids. The thing I really like about this though is when they do the flashbacks to the 40’s they turn it to black and white. I could have watched the entire show in the 40’s era and been totally into it. There’s also the scene where he first meets his crew, and he defeats them in a game of basketball to get their attention, this is somewhere in between awfully cheesy and brilliant. Sgt. Savage gets his crew together and finds out his old nemesis is still alive and causing problems for the world (which surprisingly isn’t part of the Cobra army, though he does seem to know Cobra Commander), he just happens to be the only one that knows it, so he goes out to save the day. I really don’t get why this only lasted one episode, it seems like the type of thing that would catch on. Granted it’s not even close to as great as the classic G.I. Joe but seems like it would have had some legs in the mid-90’s. If you’re a G.I. Joe fan chances are you’ll enjoy this if you can hunt it down.

REVIEW: Mikey Erg/Alex Kerns

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This split 7″ has been rumored to come out for years and finally it is here on Asian Man records! I had super high expectations for this not only because of who is on it but because the long wait. Mikey’s side as ‘Flower Tattoo’ a Down By Law cover, and an original that we’ve heard before. ‘Flower Tattoo’ is fucking great, I’ve never been a big Down By Law fan but this is pretty awesome. The other song is ‘Song Against Ian Raymond’ it’s a song you know if you have that Ergquest 7″ (which you should), this is a different version, and honestly I like the other version better but it’s still a great song so there’s nothing bad to say about it. There’s a full band here and I believe it’s actually Mikey doing all the instruments. The Alex side has two originals of his, I’m a Lemuria fan and I really like that demo he put out a while ago but these two songs don’t live up to that at all. They really bored me which was a major bummer. I’ll still look forward to more Alex solo stuff but this one missed the mark. Alex was the full band for his songs on this. Lemuria fans and Mikey Ergs fans most likely bought this the first chance they got, you shouldn’t wait, it’s a one-time pressing of 500 records.

Alex Kerns
1. Responsibility of the Doll
2. Criminal To Be Alone

Mikey Erg
3. Flower Tattoo
4. Song Against Ian Raymond

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REVIEW: WWE: Superstar Collection: Daniel Bryan

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I’ve been a fan of Bryan Danielson since about 2003 or so, he’s without question my favorite wrestler of the modern era. I was pretty excited when he got signed to the WWE but at the same time bummed because I knew there would be no more seeing him wrestle in Philly with a few hundred die hard wrestling fans. I knew there would be be no more hour long five star matches. And I really thought they’d either bury him or fire him pretty quickly. Luckily he’s stayed in the WWE and has risen to the top. This DVD looks lackluster on paper, whoever picked the matches should be ashamed but there were one or two I hadn’t seen and I had to buy it to support American Dragon anyway. This will be my first wrestling review of any type, hopefully more to come.

Vs. Jericho – This match was much better than I remember. I recall it being a five minute dissepiment. Granted it is short but not that short and it’s much better than I remembered. Pretty decent little NXT match.
On the DVD it says it has a history of Daniel Bryan and the Miz but really it’s just one of those promo things they seem to show during the shows of what happened the past two weeks or whatever. I was petty bummed about that.
Vs. The Miz – I hate the Miz, he’s pretty shitty. This match wasn’t a whole lot, it isn’t bad but it’s far from amazing and I’ll blame all of that on the Miz. I guess Danielson did pretty well with what he had to work with.
Money In the Bank – This is a match I had never seen, it was pretty good, especially considering half of the people in are pretty bad filler. It’s a fun match with some pretty good spots, I was entertained for sure.
Vs. Mark Henry – This match is was pretty good for what it was. It’s one of the ones I take issue with being on the DVD though (besides the damn Miz waste). There were much better matches from this whole Danielson/Henry/Show feud that they could have put on here. Still, not bad.
Vs. Big Show Vs. Mark Henry – This was a pretty great match, especially when you consider that it was two of the biggest big men in there. WWE did a great job building up to this match; I wish they would have put some of that stuff on the DVD. Hell they didn’t even put Danielson winning the title on here. But as a stand-alone match it works out pretty well. Best match on the DVD for sure.

All in all not the best collection, I’m pretty sure I could have put together a better Daniel Bryan collection for them but as it stands it’s alright. I knew there wasn’t going to be anything like the documentaries of the caliber that they put on the collections but I was hoping for something, instead we got nothing. But hey, I paid five bucks for it, it’s a pretty good DVD (why no Blu-ray I don’t know) at that price, and it supports the real best wrestler in the world.

Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho (NXT)
Daniel Bryan vs. the Miz (US Title Match/Night of Champions)
Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett vs. Kane vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Sheamus vs. Sin Cara (Money in the Bank)
Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry (Smackdown)
Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry (Triple Threat Steal Cage Match/Royal Rumble)

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Releases Worth Getting August 28, 2012

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The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season
10 Things You Don’t Know About: Season 1
Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Second Season
Sons of Anarchy: Season Four
Jurassic Park
The Birds
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe

Night Birds: Fresh Kills Vol. 1 LP
The O Jays: Live In Concert CD+DVD
Andrew W.K.: I Get Wet (10th Anniversary Special Deluxe Edition)
Robert Cray: Nothin But Love

REVIEW: Rocket Gibraltar

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Well with this movie I can no long say Kevin Spacey has never been in a bad movie, however he was just in a bit part here so the blame can’t be on him. Actually I’m not quite sure where to put the blame here; personally I’m going to pin it on the director and writer, Daniel Petrie and Amos Poe. Everyone in this movie did pretty well, it just didn’t work out. Besides Kevin Spacey the only other real names in here are Burt Lancaster and a very young Macaulay Culkin. Basically it’s the story if this old man, he’s got a big family with kids and grandkids, his birthday is coming up…but so is his death. Everyone is wondering what to get him for his birthday and worried about planning the party but the grandkids seem to be the only ones really listening to what he actually wants. The problem is pretty apparent, the movie is just slow and boring, no other way to say it. It’s far from the worst movie I’ve ever seen but it will certainly cure your insomnia. It’s an all around bland film.

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