Here’s a split record that I was very excited to hear. Two great sides, three covers, one original. The fact that it only has one original song is a little odd, but that’s alright because there isn’t a weak point on this record. The first side is Geoff Useless, both of Geoff’s songs are covers, the first one is a Pinkerton Thugs song and the second a Green Day one. I’m not really familiar with the Pinkerton Thugs, but I do know I like this song a lot. The second song is a cover of Green Day’s ‘86’; Geoff has a great spin on this song and really owns it. Both of these are great but I think I like the first one just a bit more. The Teenage Gluesniffers also have a Green Day cover; they do ‘Church on Sunday’ its a little closer to the original than Geoff Useless’ is. But before that we’re treated to what I think is the best song on the record, and the only original. Teenage Gluesniffers’ ‘Smell of Summer’. It’s a fast catchy pop punk song, everything I love about this style of music. As far as Green Day covers go, both bands do a different version of the songs, but I’ve got to rate them evenly. But since Teenage Gluesniffers has the best song on the record I’ve got to give them the win for this one, though Geoff Useless had a great offering. If you’re looking to pick this up you have plenty of options, this record came to be thanks to four labels, Lost Youth Records, Making Believe Records, Teen Punks Records, and Knowhere Records. Any pop punk fans should be scooping this record up, it brings Portsmouth, NH and Milan, Italy a little bit closer through the power of pop punk.

Geoff Useless:
1. Scrawny Fuck
2. 86

Teenage Gluesniffers
1. Smell of Summer
2. Church on Sunday